Monday, July 20, 2015

Green Room, Bocca Italian, Southern Culture, The Greenville Drive and "Camp Kimilee"

Kimilee at Fluor Field just prior to singing the Anthem

Andrew Bryant taught Improv to our Tweens and Teens ( here with him)

"Camp Kimilee"  Tweens
 July 21, 2015

Hi Y'all from Greenville, SC! I've been back in SC now for four months and have had a great time catching up with old friends! Of course in doing that, I've had the chance to sample or return to many of Greenville's best restaurants . I've also had the opportunity twice now to sing our national anthem for our pro ball team, The Greenville Drive and just last week conducted a week of musical theater classes for kids ages 9-18. I invited two guest teachers and a guest accompanist who helped make the week a success and , I believe fun and exciting for all the kids.

First up as promised a few restaurants:

Bocca Italian is on Poinsett Highway near Furman University and is about as authentic as you can get here in Greenville. The owner usually drops by your table to make sure you have enjoyed your meal. I first dined there a couple of years ago when visiting and now It's a minute from where I live! I met a friend there a couple of weeks ago and we both had a lovely Cabernet and I opted for the house salad, angel hair pasta with Fra Diavolo sauce and meatballs. I was warned it would be spicy, but it was not at all, in my opinion. I do tend to love spicy food though , so that doesn't mean others won't find it spicy! I loved it all , but the bread, I think you can skip. Save your calories for the pasta!

The Green Room  is on Main Street in Greenville. I walked in and felt I was in an Irish Pub in NYC or even Ireland. I loved the booths and wooden bar, brick walls . I had the salad and sandwich lunch special which I highly recommend ( take some of it home). The green room salad and Indian chicken Sandwich was really lovely!
"Camp Kimilee" dancing with "Miss Candice"

Aidan, looking sharp for church
Southern Culture is a casual spot with southern fusion favorites. They have live music beginning at 7:30 most nights, but I have yet to catch it
(check events on their site). The stage looks very inviting! I had Shrimp and Grits and Aidan helped me eat the grits (first grits for him). My little "yankee" (born in NYC) approved! My friend and I had ordered macaroni and cheese for him, but it took much longer to bake and seemed a bit more "grown up" mac and cheese. We took it home though and Aidan seemed to like it better the next day! The have a huge selection of beers and spirits. Only a few bourbons ( my favorite), but plenty of Whiskeys and Vodkas. I can't wait to try the "Greenville" drink.

The Greenville Drive is in FULL swing! I have been to a couple of games now and it seems our "home" team is a real hit with Greenvillians. They have themed nights ( we were there this past week on "90s" night and dollar beer and pepsi night. I didn't have a beer, but a diet pepsi, and shared a funnel cake ($5) with my guests who chose to eat BBQ. They also tried the Greenville Drive Signature Drink ($7) which is quite delicious ( Midori, Curacao, Vodka and Sierra Mist). The field has a playground for kids, plenty of food offerings and a restaurant, ice cream stand , several merchandise shops and The Upper Deck with it's "boxes" is air conditioned. My gang enjoyed the game ( The Drive won), with it's fireworks and entertainment by J Dew ( emcee) and "Reedy Rip-it" ( mascot). Great entertainment for all ages and even this "theatre geek" who doesn't attend too many sporting events. OH yeah, I was on the Broadway Show league (softball) though and played catcher on many occasions. I even got a few RBIs and maybe even a few runs!

Check out our links below for more pictures and videos of our recent adventures ( camps, games etc). Let us know what you think !

Next week we're in NYC, so I hope to make it to a few of my favorite restaurants and perhaps a show! We'll let you know, stay tuned!


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