Friday, July 10, 2015

Greenville and Slater-Marietta July 4th Events Review!

Slater-Marietta "Moon Boom" with the author, her son, Aidan
 and Mrs. SC 2015 Ronnetta Griffin

Downtown Greenville, SC "Red, White and Blue" July 4, 2015
July 10, 2015

Of course, now we're closer to Bastille Day , but here are my thoughts on recent events in the Upstate for our Independence Day!
I would not have known about the "Slater-Marietta Moon Boom", were it not for a friend who lives nearby.  My Mom and I took a ride and were worried we wouldn't find a spot ( they did offer a shuttle from the nearby elementary school, but some friends said they could see the fireworks from there as well). My friend and fellow former "Miss SC" was there as "Mrs. SC" promoting her platform "Get your Iron Up" and had a hand in crowning "Little Miss Slater-Marietta". There were some vendors selling crafts, t-shirts and snacks. We opted for salt and vinegar pork rinds...interesting. And Aidan was given a cupcake by "Briar Patch". There was a pretty big crowd, but not too crazy and the fireworks were pretty impressive. I have seen the Macy's Firworks in person many times and Disney as well, but SC did a pretty darn good job!

The Downtown Greenville event, was, of course much bigger and much more crowded. I always say I'd like to try it, even when folks warn of the crowds! This time I recruited my sister and paid the $6 parking, unpacked the stroller and off we went. The rides, unfortunately , were not appropriate for a 15 month old and the snacks and drinks overpriced for nothing really special ( I mean salt and vinegar pork rinds are pretty special).  They have folks pay for "tickets" for rides, snacks and drinks and do not give refunds. I'm not sure what the answer is, but this was not a friendly system. Luckily for one patron, I was willing to buy her 5 tickets since she needed to take her child home. She would have been out $5 and that doesn't seem fair. Was the money going to charity? That might make me feel differently about that, but it wasn't clear and still no one should be cheated. That all said, we had a good time and the fireworks were pretty spectacular. We chose a spot near the Peace Center as it was really too crowded and too loud near the Falls. The band might have been good, but it was too loud for me to tell and sadly we missed the military band, which seemed most appropriate.

We had a time getting out of the parking garage ( reminded me of all the bigger cities where I toured with Phantom). Worth it? Yes, to watch Aidan see the fireworks and rediscover my hometown. Next year? We'll see. Best for kids age 3 and up .  $6-$10 parking  Most Drinks $3 ( tickets) Ice Cream 4 tickets, funnel cakes 5 tickets etc.

We had "Cotton Candy" Ice Cream by Brewsters which was not bad and a "Lime -a -Rita" , which was poured from a can and not at all special. Now I want a real margarita! Rosa Mexicano, anyone?

Next up: Bocca Italian, Green Room, Southern Culture. 

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